Muddy Waters Research Founder and Director, Carson Block interviewed on CNBC’s Strategy Session (April 12, 2011)

You can find the full article by Herb Greenberg’s (“Playing ‘Regulatory Arbitrage’ on China Stocks”) at the following link along with the replay of the show, by clicking here.

Click here to watch the additional interview with Herb Greenberg and Carson Block on the Post Strategy Session segment of the show.

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  1. By way of example when the above email was written SEC data showed that millions of phantom Fairfax shares had been failing to deliver on a daily basis..What usually happens is that legitimate lenders see the plummeting stock price. He wrote I ve long thought that Milberg ran a kind of extortion racket filing class-action lawsuits against companies whose stock had dropped without a shred of evidence that any wrongdoing had taken place and then torturing them with legal motions until they settled. .What Nocera did not mention though we made it clear in The Story of Deep Capture which Nocera had read is that Milberg Weiss coordinated its attacks on public companies with short-selling hedge funds skeezy independent research shops most notably Gradient Analytics and Noceras media friends..Indeed a Gradient timesheet obtained by Deep Capture shows that while Gradient was allegedly colluding with Herb Greenberg its employees were getting paid by the hour to work for Milberg Weiss.

  2. Carson Block 識看中文,那我就用中文書寫…在香港的地產市場你們會發現更多做假的成交,香港的地產商人非常聰明,雖然没有實質證據證明他們做假,但從一些買家買樓的方式,付款辦法和其買賣節奏,你們則可推斷其交易非比尋常,人們最篤信市場,你會懷疑人或懷疑事物,但從不壞疑”市場”..壟斷的地產商人深明人們不會壞疑”市場”所以他們想盡辦法使市場營造一個良好氣氛.最近香港地產市場多了一班中國客,他們往往不需銀行借貸,可以直接付上一億幾千萬,背後真是耐人尋味,而且他們往往選擇較低層數買賣,這代表了什麼?還有其買賣節奏之快更令人們懷疑….我相信香港地產市場一定有其黑幕….反觀香港五大地產商的上市公司股價一直保持在高位,如果有一些驚人的內幕在這五公司爆出,我深信其股價必定有利可圖…

  3. Chinese companies and Chinese investors are also circumventing Australian corporate law in takeovers of Aust companies by acting in concert and denying they are associates -consequently exceeding the takeover threshold of 20%.

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