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      Nothing. It has to do with students cheating on essays. Short sellers will reference anything they can to try to install fear– this was done somewhat carelessly here as he just wants to use the title of the article that sounds alarming and hope no one reads it to see that it has nothing to do with the issues ONP. Carson Block is a scam artist. Beware of taking anything seriously on this website.

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        Readers unfamiliar with China and the pervasiveness of fraud here will do well to read the NYT article to gain insight on the “muddy water” environment. Unless you live and work in China, how else would the average American investor even begin to understand the extent of corruption and deceit that exists here?

        Frankly, do you care if Carson Block makes a profit on the short selling? The ONP and RINO investigations appear credible and it takes guts to do this kind of research and make it public. People disappear here for much less. Look at the two researchers mentioned in the NYT article who were attacked for investigating a urologist:

        “This summer both men were brutally attacked on the street in Beijing — Fang Xuanchang by thugs with an iron bar and Fang Shimin by two men wielding pepper spray and a hammer.

        When the police arrested Dr. Xiao on Sept. 21, he quickly confessed to hiring the men to carry out the attack, according to the police report. His reason, he said, was vengeance for the revelations he blames for blocking his appointment to the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences. “

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      I guess the poster is suggesting that there is a culture of deceit in China that, I’m guessing, also infiltrates their businesses and securities markets. But if the Chinese invented fraud it’s only because their civilization is the oldest in the world. Con artist is, what, the second oldest profession?

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    dont’ be mad or sad, just because you got off at the wrong stop, or were on the wrong side of a trade……. Just be glad there are people like this in the world to keep the market in Check………….

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    It would be helpful if those posting here with assertions or allegations could please give references to original sources (not other websites or unverifiable articles) of evidence for their statements. If information being shared is accurate, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find such original sources in public records. Otherwise, postings just become a rumor mill, which diminishes their credibility and value.

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